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1. Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally E. Shaywitz. A comprehensive and practical guide on how to deal with your child's reading problems。

2. The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald D. Davis. Details about dyslexia and how its visual strengths can help them with learning challenges.

3. The Dyslexic Advantage, byBrock L. Eide. Looking at the fundamental differences in the brain that lead to dyslexia, could this unique worldview explain the extraordinary achievements of many famous dyslexics in the arts, sciences, business and music?

4. Seeing What Others Can's See, by Thomas G. West. The first person explores the ways in which people with dyslexia use visual thinking and shows how to be successful in the digital world.

5. Bigger Than me. This memoir tells the story of Jovan Haye, who overcame poverty, domestic violence and undiagnosed dyslexia. But when he found his strengths in sports, he had the confidence to face his biggest difficulty: learning to read.

6. A Mind at a Time, by Mel Levine. Dr. Mel Levine is one of the best-known pediatricians and education experts, and this book aims to encourage parents and teachers to recognize these differences and help children reach their full potential.



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