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The word "Dyslexia"  is originated from Greek and Latin, and means the difficulty of speech and reading or the problem of processing memories. This affects the person's ability to read and write.

Points about dyslexia

  • Normal intelligence without dyslexia, we mean that children with normal intelligence, without brain damage or other organic lesions, have no problems with vision and hearing. With the family environment is normal and under the same educational and learning opportunities, their level of reading ability and writing would significantly behind the level that should be achieved for the corresponding age or intelligence.

  • Relationship to ADHD When children with dyslexia read, they have to work harder to read and write,  making it difficult for them to feel the joy of reading. Reading is often a torture, which makes them more prone to fatigue, and thus become easily distracted to Outside disturbances, exhibiting ADHD behavior.

  • Family inheritance Dyslexia in children is one of the neurodevelopmental disorders that is affected by multiple susceptibility genes. Which in turn affects brain instructions and behavior. Numerous research results at home and abroad suggest that dyslexia is highly familial aggregation and heritability. Intervene early Generally speaking, dyslexia is a lifelong problem. Although dyslexia cannot be completely cured, early intervention through scientific methods can be very effective in relieving symptoms. Many children with dyslexia can read normally as adults.

  • Favorable aspects of Dyslexia is that it has nothing to do with intelligence, it's a non-linear way of thinking, which gives them a Strong insight, and can skip certain links and get to the essence of things. So there is often Strong problem-solving skills and creativity, many celebrities and successful people are dyslexic Disorders such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Steven Spielberg et al. 

Kids Reading Outdoor
Levitating Books

Every child is unique. In the journey of life, these smart "stupid" children need extra understanding, tolerance and support from parents, schools and the whole society.

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